Locksmiths Kent WA

Have you been looking for your next locksmith company but your mind still isn’t made up? If you’re on the hunt for some local locksmithing professionals who really take up with the business, we suggest you go with us here at +Locksmiths Kent WA. Our local Washington technicians know that our customers need the latest and greatest, and that’s what we strive to be.

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We’ll End Your Lockouts And Program Your Keys

Have you ever been a part of a {home lockout}? Being locked out of your residential space is never a happy situation to be in, and we understand all the frustration and sadness that might come along with that situation. If you want some local locksmiths who will be there quickly for you, let us know so we can dispatch someone who knows how to help you; we’ve got it.

{Key programming} is something that might not be as simple as it sounds. Have you been avoiding your +transponder car keys because you don't know how to program them with our vehicle? If this is your predicament and you can’t seem to overcome by yourself, let our auto programmers help you. They know what they’re doing.

Replacing a Passkey Is Easy For Our Locksmiths

Need a [key replacement] for car? If you’ve finally lost your transponders and keys and now you don’t have anything else you can use to start up your sedan, let us know and we'll send over a replacer. Our mobile key cutting services are here for these types of situations, so give us your location and our locksmiths Kent WA will dispatch someone out right away for you.

+Locksmiths Kent WA is a no-nonsense business that wants to give you nothing but the best. If you want our tough technicians to come over and help you with your problems today, let us know so we can help you. Give our phone lines a ring so one of our reps can get your appointment scheduled.


  • Service Call $15
  • Car Lockout starting at $35 *
  • Car Key Making starting at $120 *
  • Trunk Lockout starting at $35 *
  • Car Key Extraction starting at $65 *
  • Ignition Repair starting at $95 *


  • Service Call $15
  • House Lockout starting at $35 *
  • Lock Rekey starting at $19 *
  • Lock Change starting at $35 *
  • Lock Installation starting at $35 *
  • Gate Lock Repair starting at $35 *


  • Service Call $15
  • Business Lockout starting at $35 *
  • Lock Rekey starting at $19 *
  • Mailbox Change starting at $35 *
  • Lock Installation starting at $35 *
  • Safe Lockout starting at $65 *
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